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PODIATRYtown is created to help build a community by bringing together thousands of current and future podiatry medical students, residents and physicians onto one platform. The peer-review forums allow students and professionals to connect, share information, offer support, and provide guidance to their peers and those coming up behind them. Whether it is about courses, externships, residency interviews, boards, fellowships or job advice, members can find someone who has been in their shoes.

PODIATRYtown is not just a website, it is a community!


The opportunity to directly interact, learn, exchange advice and support each other.


Free access to material for boards, interviews and externships and many more fun learning materials.


Sharing experiences and views as you thrive in this journey of foot and ankle medicine.


Discover and learn from experts talking about fascinating surgical cases.

Integrated Network for Pre-Podiatry Students, Podiatry Medical Students, Residents, Fellows, and Physicians

PODIATRYtown has been founded by podiatry medical students and residents to address the lack of information and guidance for future students and the need to build connections and a support system among current podiatry medical students and professionals within the field of podiatric medicine.

We aim to provide a platform for students and professionals to connect via peer-review forums and provide guidance to their peers and those coming up behind them. A wide range of resources created by other students and residents such as quizlets, study guides, visual aids, and practice questions are available free of cost to help students during classes, boards, externships and interviews.

Discovering FUNtown

This is where academic reviews turn into fun! Discover fascinating surgical cases shared via Instagram posts by leading podiatric physicians in our community. Explore multiple posts by multiple providers and soak up a whole load of knowledge effortlessly, while making friends right at the heart of the PODIATRYtown community.

Discovering STUDYtown

Whether you are studying for exams, externships or interviews, we are here for you every step of the way. You can watch videos of cool surgical cases, quiz yourself with flashcards or review PRISM topics via slide share. We send our sincerest gratitude to Dr. Brett Chicko and Dr. Andrew J. Meyr who permitted us to use CROZER and PRISM on our website to share with students.

We’re glad you’ve found us!

It is time to explore resources and connect with your peers via forums, seek guidance from those above you and provide guidance to those coming up behind you.

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